2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon Confirmed in VIN Filings

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Not the first collab between Indian and goggle maker

Indian Motorcycle is preparing a special edition FTR R Carbon for 2024 we expect to be a collaboration with eyewear brand 100%.

The confirmation comes to us via vehicle identification number (VIN) filings submitted by Indian to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The filing, dated June 26, outlines the VIN codes for Indian’s 2024 FTR and Scout models.

For the most part, the document’s contents suggest no changes to the FTR and Scout ranges. All of the 2023 models are back, and their VINs are unchanged save for the code denoting the 2024 model year. The one change is the addition of an FTR x 100% R Carbon with the model code RZU22.

The “x 100%” in the model name suggests a collaboration with eyewear manufacturer 100%. Indian and 100% have worked together before. Indian offers a customized version of 100%’s Barstow goggle as part of its FTR clothing and riding gear collection, and in 2018, they were joined by photographer and film director Dimitri Coste in producing a limited edition version with a red, white and black checkerboard motif.

Apart from some special edition livery, we don’t expect the FTR x 100% to be significantly different from the existing R Carbon model. Compared to the regular model, the 2023 FTR R Carbon adds gold-colored Öhlins suspension, an upgraded seat, special tank panels with the Indian Script logo, silver and gold pinstriping, and, of course, various carbon fiber components. For 2024, we expect a few cosmetic changes for the R Carbon, plus some 100% branding.

There is no indication of when we might expect Indian to announce the FTR x 100% R Carbon. Last year, Indian announced the 2023 lineup including the FTR range during EICMA, but that was including the new-for-2023 FTR Sport variant. Indian may wait for EICMA to announce its 100% collaboration, or it may reveal it separately if there are plans for a more significant announcement in Milan.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Trevor Trevor on Aug 23, 2023

    This will be over prices and slow Its heavy and not very powerfull Its a nich market and wont last long Parts are another issue all together Not to mention a stupid double silencer when only one is needed which will get dumped anyway for a performance pipe This is a waste of time

    • Kenneth Ticich Kenneth Ticich on Nov 05, 2023

      You’ve obviously never ridden one. I’ve had sport bikes that are faster than likely anything you’ve ever owned, and the FTR is the most fun out of any of the bikes I’ve had, including the sport bikes. And slow? You should see how many people I blew by on the track. Yeah. So maybe you should actually try riding it before trying to tell everyone else it’s a waste while having no experience with it. 🙄

  • Marty Marty on Aug 29, 2023

    Awesome canyon carver. American muscle!