Akrapovič Adds Power and Removes Pounds

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When British businessman John Bloor resurrected Triumph motorcycles in the late '80s and early '90s, he utilized cutting-edge manufacturing technology and clever modular design principles in an effort to allow the company to compete with the established Japanese motorcycle brands.

Triumph’s first modern efforts were a little behind the curve in terms of the latest and greatest frame designs and race-spec trickery, but Triumph endured, partially on the strength of the historic name, and began to release unique motorcycles that could stand on their own. The Speed Triple was one of the first factory-built streetfighters, which were previously home-crafted beasts built using sport bike engines and naked bike aesthetics. At the same time, Triumph brought back nameplates from as far back as the prewar period, such as the Tiger, first used in the 1930s, now reimagined as a modern adventure bike.

The latest versions of these two bikes, Speed Triple 1200 RS/RR and the Tiger 1200, may share some DNA from Bloor’s original efforts, most notably their inline-triple engine architectures, but their goals differ significantly. That is not to say that neither could benefit from a performance boost from the aftermarket, which is where Akrapovič, manufacturer of premium exhaust systems, comes in. Akrapovič offers its Slip-On Line in titanium, specially engineered for both the Speed Triple 1200 RS/RR and Tiger 1200, providing a potent, multi-pronged attack of increased horsepower, decreased weight, enhanced durability, beautiful aesthetics, and the signature Akrapovič sound.

These Slip On exhausts are created in Akrapovič’s state-of-the-art facilities in Slovenia, where the company applies its over 30 years of experience manufacturing premium exhaust systems to every product it offers. It has an in-house titanium foundry, metallurgical laboratory, over 1,800 employees at its disposal, and its products are tested both on the dyno as well as in the real world its involvement with various top-level motorsports teams.

Akrapovič’s Slip-On (Titanium) for the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS/RR features a sandblasted and coated titanium outer sleeve and end cap that are lightweight, durable, and beautiful. The exhaust weighs in at 0.7 kg (1.4 lbs) less than the stock Speed Triple system, a savings of over 20%, and produces 0.7 more horsepower, along with the signature Akrapovič deep sound. The system does not require remapping, and is EC/ECE type approved and Euro 5 compliant.

Akrapovič’s Slip-On Line (Titanium) for the Triumph Tiger 1200 utilizes a titanium outer sleeve, with a stainless-steel inner structure and link pipe. The end cap is carbon fiber, and the exhaust also features a carbon fiber heat shield to protect passengers and cargo. Akrapovič engineers put an emphasis on rideability and throttle response when designing this system from an engine performance standpoint, as well as ensuring the construction was as durable as possible. Despite this, the system is still 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) lighter than the stock Triumph exhaust, a savings of 37.7%, and produces 1.1 more horsepower. Like the Speed Triple exhaust, this one is EC/ECE type approved, does not require remapping, and produces a deep, sporty exhaust note.

Engineering slip-on exhausts like these that are lighter weight and produce more power than the stock units, are durable and beautiful, with an attractive, tuned exhaust note, is no easy task. Akrapovič’s research and development facilities are second to none, and the company’s decades of experience at the highest levels of motorsport is also definitely a factor. Akrapovič exhausts are found on more 2023 MotoGP team bikes than any other brand of exhaust.

For the enthusiast looking for the best of the best for their Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS/RR or Tiger 1200, look no further than Akrapovič.


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