Best Scooter of 2013

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

BMW C600/650 GT

It’s not often you’ll hear us say we were blown away by a scooter, but BMW’s C600/650 is not your average scoot. There’s nearly 600 pounds rolling on 15-inch wheels, but you’d never know it. The C-model scooters from BMW handle everything from twisty canyon roads to freeway commuting, but then ride either to the local supermarket and a week’s worth of frozen pizzas fit neatly in the under-seat storage.

The C650 GT, at $9,990 is certainly more expensive than a lot of motorcycles, but a lot of motorcycles won’t perform as well as this scooter. In an apple-to-apple comparison with the recently updated Suzuki’s Burgman, the BMW is lighter, more powerful and $1k less expensive!

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Best Scooter Honorable Mention: Honda PCX

The only reason why the PCX beat out the C650 last year was because of a technicality – none of our staffers had yet ridden the BMW. A year later and it’s obvious the German scooter deserves the rightful crown of top dog, but despite a challenge from the revised Suzuki Burgman, we still pick the Honda PCX as our honorable mention in this category.

At $3449, it’s a great value, perfect for city dwellers or those looking for inexpensive transportation – the typical realm of scooters. The PCX is relatively comfortable for the average-size rider, and the storage space under the seat is enormous and convenient. It also sips fuel like its life depended on it while still allowing you to keep pace with surrounding traffic. An added bonus: the 150cc displacement makes it eligible to hop on the freeway for those short jaunts on your way to work or to school.

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Best of 2013

Kevin Duke
Kevin Duke

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  • Kojakx1 Kojakx1 on May 17, 2014

    I have ridden tested and researched many scooters especially the one's 500cc and up. Yamaha's TMax remains a top dog overall. The pricing is it's main draw-back. The Burgman 650 ABS exec. is another great scoot especially if you intend doing some longer trips.

    • Kevin Duke Kevin Duke on May 26, 2014

      The TMax might be judged as top dog in Europe and elsewhere, but it's a dead dog in America.

  • Ron17571 Ron17571 on Jul 30, 2014

    My folks had a 250 Honda scooter,I rode it down the freeway(70 MPH) Im not sure why anyone would want such a large motored scooter. Pricey also. Ok, it was wide open at that speed.