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Here in the States, most people treat scooters nearly the same as motorcycles. The utilitarian conveniences of the scooter have never really caught on over here, and scooters are still generally seen as a luxury item. Like motorcycle owners, the folks who spend their hard-earned money on these practical two-wheelers want to keep their machines looking good and also away from the prying eyes of opportunistic thieves.

Many of us aren’t able to keep our scooter inside a garage, home, or enclosed parking area. Some would rather opt for convenience and keep their scooter outside so they can dash off without fiddling with a garage at all. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of scooters, there are plenty of covers on the market to fit all sizes and shapes. Whether your machine is Italian, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Chinese, there is sure to be a scooter cover on the market to fit your application. Here are a few of the best scooter covers from the market that illustrate the diversity of covers that can be had.

Opamoo Scooter Cover

The Opamoo cover comes in a variety of sizes to fit many different scooters and motorcycles. This durable and weatherproof cover is said to be wear- and tear-resistant while also offering anti-theft lockholes. The holes are surrounded by large metal grommets that are designed to be used with a u-lock to keep your ride safe and secure. The Opamoo cover packs down small and is machine washable for convenience. 

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Scooters are a popular way to get around town in an economical fashion. These fun and practical machines offer basic transportation to many people, including younger generations that aren’t quite ready for a car. While a scooter is often a cheaper alternative, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect your investment. A Poly Shield PL Scooter Cover from is a great way to add a level of protection from the elements when you’re not riding your Scooter. These covers are made of a layer of 250T polyester that is resistant to weather conditions like rain, snow, and ice. The Poly Shield PL Scooter covers are waterproof and will protect against UV damage and dust build up, too. These form-fitting scooter covers come with a two-year warranty so they will last you a long time.

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Nelson-Rigg SC-800-02-MD

The folks at Nelson-Rigg may be best known for their motorcycle luggage and packs, but they also make a decent spread of two-wheel covers spanning from touring bikes to, you guessed it, scooters. The SC-800 is made specifically for scooters while delivering the same performance as other models in the Nelson-Rigg line. This cover is made from water-resistant UV-treated tri-max polyester and features a built in venting system to ensure moisture has a place to escape. The bottom of the SC-800 stays snug thanks to an elastic bottom hem and also features metal grommets at the middle and front of the cover for locking or tying down the cover. This cover also comes with a matching stuff sack for storage when it’s not in use. 

Detailer’s Preference Polyester Scooter Cover

The Detailer’s Preference cover comes in two sizes and is said to offer similar weather protection and durability to other pricier covers. This cover also features metal grommets allowing for the cover to be locked or otherwise secured. Also said to be easily packable, the Detailer’s Preference comes with its own stuff sack. The price is right on this one if you’re looking for a low cost shelter for your scooter. 

Indoor Black Satin Shield Scooter Cover

For those of you who are lucky enough to have some sort of indoor storage, the satin stretch cover is just the thing to keep the dust off of your scooter when not in use. While the material is not as robust as those covers designed to withstand the elements, this satin cover is ultra soft, naturally resists mold, rot, and mildew, and also is form fitting. Think of it as your scooter’s own little black dress. An elastic hem ensures the cover stays put. Add to that a ten year limited warranty and you have a great indoor scooter cover option. 

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