Ask MO Anything: Where Can I Get a Replacement Key for a Buell 1125R?

John Burns
by John Burns

Dear MOby,

My husband has a 2008 Buell 1125R. He somehow managed to break the key off in the ignition switch. My question is, do y’all know where I can get a replacement key switch for this bike? His birthday is 08/27, and I would love to have it by then. He has title, he owns the bike!

Catina Lothridge

South Carolina

Dear Catina,

You type like an honest person. It’s nice of you to want to replace the key, but wouldn’t it be easier to replace the whole bike, seeing as it’s now 13 years old and all? The people behind Buell announced earlier this year they’ve reacquired the Buell Motorcycles name, and are taking orders for their new Hammerhead – one of ten new bikes they want to produce (sadly, with no Erik Buell involvement). The Hammerhead looks a lot like the 1190RX that debuted ten years ago, and not completely different from your 2008 1125R, but it might have a new trick or two up its sleeve?

ask mo anything where can i get a replacement key for a buell 1125r, The aptly named Hammerhead might not be a bad deal for those who like big power but eschew electronic rider aids Buell photo
The aptly-named Hammerhead might not be a bad deal for those who like big power but eschew electronic rider aids. (Buell photo)

Buell Motorcycles has trod a harrowing path since its founding in 1983 by Erik Buell, from Buell Motorcycles, to Erik Buell Racing, to EBR Motorcycles and now back to Buell Motorcycles again. When EB himself left the building in 2015, all his company’s assets, including complete bikes and many parts, were sold to Liquid Asset Partners, who continued assembling and selling a few complete motorcycles, along with parts, from their Grand Rapids, Michigan, HQ.

Since yours is the first of the liquid-cooled Buells and the most unique looking thanks to the design parameters Harley forced upon it, it’s definitely worth saving.

ask mo anything where can i get a replacement key for a buell 1125r

And the fact that the ignition lock location looks like it hasn’t changed at all from 2008 1125R to the latest Hammerhead, means your chances of securing a new ignition lock shouldn’t be lower than about 80%.

ask mo anything where can i get a replacement key for a buell 1125r

But you’ll also need a new lock for the gas cap, and probably one to release the seat too. Sounds like a lot of fiddly labor and expense. Are you sure you can’t get the broken piece of key out with something like a jigsaw blade? A dab of JB Weld on the tip of a small screwdriver? The interwebs are full of useless ideas, one of which just might work.

There’s always the locksmith route too: Broken keys in ignitions happen all the time, and if you have both pieces of key, it’s a simple matter to get new keys cut.

But if all that fails, and you’re sure your hubby owns the motorcycle, if anybody has parts, it will be the people who’ve kept Buell alive, bless their hearts, these last six years. Email or dial (262) 441-4103. Good luck. You’ve got two days…

Buell Motorcycle

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  • Mackja Mackja on Aug 27, 2021

    Buell 1125 key and switch is the same as EBR 1190rx / Buell Hammerhead.
    Contact https://www.buellmotorcycle... can order parts off the website.

  • Mog Mog on Aug 27, 2021

    Catina, I am the proud owner also of a 2008 Buell 1125R which is a Signature edition by Erik Buell, same as yours.
    Take the VIN number of the bike to a Harley-Davidson dealership and they should be able to order a new set of keys about $30 the same way they got them for me when I lent the bike to our son. These are absolutely superb motorcycles, so do not listen to the naysayers.

    Give your husband a birthday card with a note that you are attempting get a key for the 1125R just because you love him.
    You are a great wife and he knows it and so do I and a few others in MO land now. He may have to wait a while but I am sure that your thoughtfulness will be more appreciated than you can contemplate.

    As for the key broken off in the lock, take a few pictures to a locksmith and see if they can figure a way of extraction. Yes it will cost money but you two should do all you can to keep it stock original. A new switch and a separate keys will be more expensive and a mismatch.

    If things do not work out, respond here and I will do my best to find an acceptable alternative. Suggest he join a great free site for Buell-ers called

    You are in good company, as my wife has done similar for me. Just returning the thought to you.