A Smorgasbord of Yamaha R3 Performance Parts

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Check out this list of Yamaha R3 Performance Parts to pimp your ride.

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Pulse IPT P.7 Battery

Think your R3 is light now? Check out the Pulse IPT P.7 battery. Measuring just 4.4 x 2.75 x 4.2 inches and weighing just 1.8 lbs., it will drop right into your R3. (The stock battery weighs 6 lbs.) It’s part of a series of entirely new batteries that are the smallest, lightest and most powerful lithium powersports batteries available today. Each one is individually fitted to your bike and has features unavailable in any other similar battery. Full Spectrum Power is the only lithium powersports battery made in the USA.

The new Full Spectrum Power Pulse IPT line of batteries are the first rider-centric lithium motorcycle batteries ever built. Each Pulse IPT has an integrated battery management system for better performance and longer life, a reset button to prevent your battery from being drained, an advanced case design that resists heat, vibration, gas and oil, and a wide variety of other advanced features not available in any other lithium powersports battery. For more information about the Full Spectrum Power Pulse IPT line of batteries, click below.

Competition Werkes Exhaust Slip-On

The Competition Werkes Exhaust Slip-On for the Yamaha R3 replaces the big, ugly stock exhaust with a welded stainless steel slip-on that reduces weight and looks and sounds much, much better. Welding in conical sections of tubing instead of bending the pipe eliminates all the weak points at the inside and the outside of each bend, just like a MotoGP exhaust system. Made in the USA and much less expensive than full systems.

Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator

The Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator gets rid of that heavy and unsightly rear fender and insect-like turn signals. Trim and lightweight, the fender eliminator is hand made from stainless steel and comes complete with modern turn indicators, all mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. Competition Werkes is the originator of the fender eliminator and has been in business continuously under the same ownership since 1984.

Carbonin Avio

Carbonin Avio bodywork is made of carbon fiber reinforced with kevlar and is the lightest, strongest and most flexible bodywork available today. The Carbonin Avio kit for the R3 comes complete with upper and lower fairings, right and left side panels, tank cover, single race seat with raised seat height, seat support and pre-installed Dzus fasteners for easy installation and removal. The kit can be supplied pre-painted with your logos. Fits all R3s 2015-2018.

GBRacing Engine Cover Set

The GBRacing Engine Cover Set for the Yamaha R3 is made from precision injection molded 60% long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite, providing the ultimate in protection. The tough long glass-fibered nylon is a high impact material that is designed to absorb energy without cracking and resists abrasion while sliding. Designed to be installed over your existing OEM engine covers and not as replacement covers. The three-piece set includes an alternator cover, a clutch cover and an ignition cover. Don’t let dirt and gravel get in your motor!


The Galespeed front and rear wheels take POUNDS of rotating mass off your R3, making acceleration and braking much quicker and turn-in super easy. Much lighter and stiffer than the OEM wheels, the front wheel is 3 3/4 pounds lighter than stock and the rear wheel is six pounds lighter than stock. That’s almost 10 pounds of weight removed from the largest moving parts on your motorcycle! Get the advantage you need to win races with the Galespeed Wheel Set. Wheels sold separately.


No other suspension company has more race track experience than Ohlins, and their Rear Shock for the R3 has all their knowledge built right in. Fully adjustable for compression, rebound, preload and length, the Ohlins rear shock can handle any race track or street situation. Comes with a wide variety of spring options and a setting library is available. Featuring Ohlins’ proprietary single tube technology, a 46 mm piston and a remote, nitrogen-charged resevoir, there simply is no better rear shock for your R3.

Translogic Systems Ltd

Translogic Systems Ltd has developed the most advanced Quickshifter systems available. The QSX Quickshifter systems feature a dual channel interrupt system to allow for fine manual adjustment of interrupt durations of ignition coils or fuel injectors. Without this dual channel feature the quickshift will not be good enough at mid to lower RPMs resulting in very snatchy gear shifts as with other single channel systems. The QSX Quickshifter systems work straight out of the box but you can still set-up the QSX Quickshifter ECU to suit your particular riding style whether it’s softer, slower Quickshifting for lower RPM shifting or faster and crisper Quickshifting for high RPM track use.

Aim Sport Solo 2

Taking your R3 to the track? Check out the Aim Sport Solo 2 GPS Lap Timer. The new Solo 2 is a completely automatic lap timer based on the latest GPS technology from AIM. It receives data from two satellite constellations, GPS and GLONASS, making it much faster and more precise than the previous version. Lap times are calculated every 2/100 of a second. The Solo 2 displays and records speed, acceleration and braking. When the Solo 2 is powered up, it automatically recognizes the start/finish line coordinates of the track you are visiting based on the huge list of world tracks stored on Solo 2’s internal memory and starts sampling and displaying lap times automatically. At the end of the day, you can review all the key information on the Solo 2. All of the GPS and ECU-based data recorded on the Solo 2 can be analyzed with the Race Studio 3 professional software. Graphs, histograms and tables will help you understand your performance at all positions on the track. There is no better device to help you improve your performance than the Aim Sport Solo 2.

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