Paul Garson's New Book: "Two-Wheeled Blitzkrieg"

John Burns
by John Burns

MO contributor Paul Garson writes about history as well as motorcycles; his latest work combines the two. Two-Wheeled Blitzkrieg is all about the motorcycles that served as couriers, reconnaissance and medical evacuation vehicles during the Big One – also for delivering hot meals and assault shock troops to the front quickly – and even as tank destroyers. You first, Helmut.

“Motorcycles have been going to war as long as there have been motorcycles around to go to war,” says PG. “They were recruited for the battlefield thanks to their merits of speed, maneuverability and adaptability as a weapons platform – not to mention their cost effectiveness when compared to other mechanized implements of modern warfare.”

It’s always about the bottom line.

Garson uncovered a cache of newly discovered photos, enough to fill this 9.25 x 6.5-inch, 128-page paperback with 200 images of the motorcycles selected to join the Wehrmacht, including BMW, NSU, Zündapp, DKW and others. And of course, the personal, largely unpublished images that tight-knit band of wartime riders took of themselves and their machines .

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John Burns
John Burns

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