Z900.us 2018 Calendar Showcases the Iconic Z1

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The “Z900.us 2018” calendar contains a wonderful spread of 13 great restored and/or customized, Z1s.

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Z900.us 2018
A calendar full of motorcycle legends

The Kawasaki Z 900, often also referred to as the Z1 for short, is one of the most coveted
classic motorbikes around the globe. The muscle bike introduced in 1972 was the
vanguard for numerous other legends on two wheels that bore the famous “Z” in their

Z900.us, the world’s leading accessories shop for owners and fans of these unique big
bikes, now presents the most beautiful models from around the world in the “Z900.us
2018” calendar.

The 13 pages of the calendar show thrilling photos of some of the world’s most beautiful
specimen of this legendary bike. They include lovingly restored bikes as well as unique
custom bikes. Among them is a Rickman Kawasaki Z 1000 which was restored from the
ground up by 1982 500 cc world championship runner-up Graeme Crosby who also
refined his bike with modern elements. The Kawasaki Z1-R, that celebrates its 40th
anniversary next year, is also part of the 2018 calendar in form of a beautifully restored
bike owned by Robert Berger from Germany.

The „Z900.us 2018“ calendar is printed on high-quality 250-gsm high-gloss paper
measuring 29.7 x 42 centimeters (DIN A3). It sells for 25 euros ($29.48 USD).
The calendar is available exclusively online at www.Z900.us

Press Release
Press Release

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