Polaris Slingshot Recalled to Fix Problem Caused by Fix to Previous Recall

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

When Polaris Industries announced its fourth quarter report for the 2016 fiscal year, the company noted Slingshot sales were down due to low product availability caused by recalls. As we approach the halfway point of the current fiscal year, it sounds like recall issues continue to plague the three-wheeler as Polaris is recalling 8,962 Slingshots to correct a problem that was created by a previous recall campaign.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the some of the service kits sent out to address a previous recall campaign for improperly manufactured swingarms. That campaign, NHTSA recall 16V-755, related to swingarms that lacked sufficient strength to withstand hard hits such as when a Slingshot hits a pothole. The solution to recall 16V-755 required installing a new swingarm cast from a redesigned mold.

Unfortunately, some of the repair kits sent out to dealers were missing a pair of dust plug grommets. These grommets were designed to protect the rear wheel speed sensor from contamination. Without these grommets, the speed sensor may become inoperative, causing the ABS and traction/stability control warning lights to come on.

Polaris became aware of this secondary defect on May 25 and soon after began recall procedures. Slingshot dealers will inspect swingarms for missing dust plug grommets and will install them as needed. The recall affects 8,962 units from model years 2015-2017, or just slightly more than half of the 17,572 Slingshot vehicles included in the original recall.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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