CSC Announces New RXR Model For $3,495

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We like CSC and their cool little bikes.

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CSC Announces New RXR Motorcycle

Azusa, CA (May 11, 2017) – CSC Motorcycles announced their new RXR motorcycle this week, a no-frills variant of their iconic RX3 adventure touring motorcycle. The new RXR has the same powertrain, chassis, seat, wheels, and bodywork as the RX3, but it does not include luggage, top case, rear rack, engine and rear frame guards, body panel decals, passenger footpegs, and front fork panels. The RXR is more than 50 lbs lighter than the RX3 motorcycle. The RXR includes a cut-down windscreen and a blacked-out muffler heat shield.

“Our customers asked for a version of the RX3 that eliminated all of the touring equipment but kept the same proven RX3 power train,” said Steve Seidner, President and CEO of CSC Motorcycles. “The RXR includes the RX3’s 250cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected, 4-valve engine and 6-speed transmission but takes away all of the touring equipment. It’s substantially lighter than the RX3 and the resulting performance improvement is impressive. The RXR is a great canyon carver and commuter. It’s an all-around fun motorcycle.”

“People in the industry tell us we rekindled the interest in small-displacement adventure bikes,” Seidner said. “The success of our RX3 has attracted some of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers to offer bikes in our displacement category. We noticed the recently-announced slate of small bikes from the other guys doesn’t have any of the accessories that are standard on the RX3 and we wanted to level the price comparison playing field. Even with all of the RX3’s accessories we’re still priced well below the competition, but we wanted to give riders a comparable ‘bare bones’ motorcycle option for an apples-to-apples comparison. Our no-frills RXR is as much as $2000 lower than the other Johnny-come-lately bikes entering the mix. We also wanted a bike with a ‘street fighter’ look, and we think we’ve succeeded.”

“The RXR can be easily configured with the RX3’s luggage and other adventure touring features for buyers wishing to take their motorcycles on extended tours,” Seidner said. “We can also configure the RXR with our Wolfman line of soft luggage, a popular option with many riders.” Seidner explained that purchasers of CSC’s iconic 250cc motorcycles can also participate in the company’s annual 2000-mile Baja expeditions. The CSC Baja tours include whale watching, a visit to Baja’s prehistoric cave paintings, and some of the best and most scenic riding on the planet, all at no charge to participants (other than personal expenses).

CSC offers a free service manual with each of their motorcycles, and an extensive collection of maintenance tutorials on their website at

The RXR is available in blue, pearlescent white, orange, and silver, and it includes a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty (the first year includes parts and labor, the second year includes parts only). The RXR’s price is $3,495.

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