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Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

The One Motorcycle Show is an annual event held in Portland, Oregon, that showcases custom bikes with a particular bent on retro-themed or -inspired minimalist roadsters – it’s a custom show in which you’re more likely to find Triumphs rather than Harleys. Amazingly, there is no charge for entry into the show.

The link above is to our coverage of last year’s event delivered from one of our freelance writers, which is worth checking out to see the breadth of the offerings at this unique event. This year, the seventh-annual Show, our coverage comes to us via British Customs, a cool SoCal-based shop that builds some of the nicest Triumphs around and had several of its customs on display at the show.


Press Release: Every February for the last seven years, motorcyclists from around the world have packed their bags and made a pilgrimage to Portland, OR to pay homage to the works put on display at the underground custom motorcycle show, The One Motorcycle Show.

“Everyone here deserves an award,” Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles announced before giving away the awards, setting the tone. “It isn’t about who wins and who loses, it’s about the fun of building a bike and showing it to the people who came here to appreciate it.” Thor Drake is a motorcycle community leader, and is considered by some to be a legend in the making.

The One Moto Show’s awards and awardees who will be interviewed by British Customs:

  • The Moto Vibes Award from Poler Stuff went to Kick Start Garage.
  • The Blue Ribbon Award from Pabst Blue Ribbon went to Alchemy Motorcycles.
  • The American Made Award from Harley-Davidson went to W&W Motorcycles.
  • The Pit Crew Award from Brixton went to Camardo Customs.
  • The Do It Once Do It Right Award from Godspeed Co. went to One Down Four Up.
  • The 1000% Good Award from Icon went to Ian Halcott.
  • The Motorrad Award from BMW Motorrad went to Boxer Metal.
  • The One Show Award from See See Motorcycles for best in show went to Suicide Machine Co.

British Customs has already published interviews with many of the top custom motorcycle builders who presented at the show on their blog, and will be publishing more interviews over the coming weeks with the winners of the show’s competitions as well as with numerous other figures, builders, and voices of the community who were present at the event.

“All the builders here are masters of their craft,” stated Jason Panther, President of British Customs. “Outside of the community, they’re widely underappreciated, which is what makes this event so important: it gives all these artists an outlet to showcase their work to a community of people who can truly appreciate it.”

The One Moto Show is a weekend-long celebration of what it means to be a motorcyclist, from the culture to the lifestyle, to the heritage and history, to what it means to be a member of such a passionate and vibrant community. The One Moto Show features custom built motorcycles by upwards of 80 handpicked of the best builders from around the world, and a place for community members to gather and share experiences together.

Attendees of The One Moto Show hailed from the entire spectrum, including men and women, boys and girls, those who refuse labels, parents and grandparents, and lovers of all orientations from all races, creeds, and social rungs in an open display of their uniting passion for motorcycles, showing the motorcycle community to be one of the most loving and widespread communities known.

“When you’re at The One Moto Show,” said Craig Marleau of Kick Start Garage, “you get this incredible feeling from the people around you that this is your tribe. This event and the people who come out here to share this experience are the core of the motorcycle community.”

One of the most remarkable and indicative things about The One Moto Show was how appreciated every bike at the show was. British Customs had three custom bikes on display, including a Triumph Bonneville desert sled built for surfing icon Chippa Wilson, a Thruxton built in collaboration with legendary custom builder Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, and a 2016 Street Twin.

Other builders of note included CROIG (Cafe Racers of Instagram) with their Mad Max-themed “Furiosa” build which is being given away to raise awareness for the Riders for Health charity, Paul Miller of PanicRev customs, Hill Hudson of The Escape Collective, Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles, Gustavo Penna of Apogee Motorworks, Colin Cornberg of No. 8 Wire Motorcycles, Tommy Tatham of the Tatham Speed Shop, and Michael LaFountain of Raccia Motorcycles.

The One Moto Show was generously powered by BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, Icon, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Godspeed Co., Poler Stuff, Red Clouds Collective, Danner Boots, Brixton, Roland Sands Design, Sideburn, Dehen, FTW Company, Salem Indoor Speedway, and IV League Flat Track.

About British Customs:

British Customs is a Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts. They are known for making the highest quality factory-spec bolt-on parts that only require common tools and minimal technical knowledge to install. With any of their parts upgrades, the average rider can completely customize his or her motorcycle in a weekend.

Kevin Duke
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