Ducati Teases Scrambler News for EICMA

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Ducati is teasing a Scrambler announcement for EICMA, releasing a couple of orange-colored images and creating a comic strip for the official Scrambler Facebook page.

The 11-part comic strip is a bit odd, featuring a skateboarding gorilla named Bart and a BMX bicycle-riding woman named Betty. Ducati will publish more segments of the comic in the weeks leading up to EICMA where Ducati says it will have “a number of exciting surprises.”

ducati teases scrambler news for eicma
The first part of the comic (above) was posted on Facebook with the following description:
Two more special friends just joined the Land of Joy.
Please meet Bart & Betty!
He’s a skater and she’s a BMXer. Over the coming weeks we’ll get to know them better through their story!
They may have a little Scrambler news for us….
Who knows!
Stay tuned!!

The words that jump out to us are “a little Scrambler news.” Is it the news that’s little, or is Ducati hinting at a smaller version of the Scrambler? We’ll have to wait for more clues in upcoming installments of Bart and Betty’s comic strip.

Ducati also released a couple of images using common-place objects to form the shape of a Scrambler. The common theme to the two images is orange, a color Ducati says recalls the vibrant pop culture of 1962 when the original Scrambler was introduced. We’re not quite sure what to make of this, as it’s a lot of work to tease what might just amount to an orange color scheme. The two teaser images appear to depict a fender over the rear wheel, something not present on the current Scrambler Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle or Classic, so perhaps Ducati will introduce another Scrambler variant in Milan.

Again, we hope to receive more clues leading up to Ducati’s EICMA presentation which will be live streamed over the Internet on Nov. 16.

[Source: Ducati]

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