2015 Honda CB300F Heading To Canada in White With ABS

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
2015 honda cb300f heading to canada in white with abs

When American Honda officially announced the new 2015 CB300F this morning, it didn’t take long to realize the naked version of the CBR300R would not be offered with anti-lock brakes. The lack of ABS, even as an option, was one of the things that differentiated it from the CBR300R which offered it at a $500 premium.

That’s not the case north of the border however, as Honda Canada confirmed it will offer the CB300F with ABS as standard equipment. This follows Honda Canada’s typical modus operandi in offering ABS whenever possible; for example, Honda Canada is only offering the CB500X and CB500F only with ABS. The same is true with the NC700X, while American Honda will only offer it with ABS packaged together with its dual clutch transmission.

Canadians aren’t just getting the CB300F with ABS, they will get it in white, whereas Americans will only get it in red. Honda Canada has not announced a price at this time.

[Source: Honda Canada]

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