2013 AIMExpo: BeadBuster XB-450 – Video

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

BeadBuster came to the American International Motorcycle Expo to showcase its new XB-450 bead breaker.

BeadBuster designed to XB-450 ($99) to apply a concentrated separation force directly between the lip of the rim and the tire bead. According to BeadBuster, the padded clamp ensures the tool is in the proper position, and that the ram foot will not slide down the sidewall.

If you watch our video below, you can see the XB-450 in action. Its feet create a jaws-of-life action against tire beads, forcing the bead to come off every time. As well, by using a screw thread, ample force is developed without a lot of user effort.

Due to its small size, the XB-450 is portable and can be taken on trail rides for easy tire replacement away from the garage.

Visit BeadBuster.com for more information.

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Lucas Cooney
Lucas Cooney

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