Honda CTX1300 Spotted During Film Shoot

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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Last month, we were one of the first to report on these leaked documents listing several upcoming Honda models, including one CTX1300. These images of the Honda CTX1300 were taken during the bike’s promotional filming on a motorcycle that looks to be production-ready. With a body style closely resembling that of the smaller displacement CTX700, the major, and most obvious, difference with the 1300 is the larger, 1261cc engine, believed to be sourced from Honda’s sport-touring stalwart, the ST1300.

Considering Honda’s aim to inject affordable motorcycles into the market to attract new or returning riders, repurposing the, ST1300 V-Four engine makes sense, as the tremendous cost savings of not needing to design a new engine will translate into a low MSRP. Of course, there’s also the aesthetic appeal of the transverse V-Four engine being exposed for everyone to see.

From the photos we can gather that the bike features hard luggage, relatively roomy passenger accommodations, a pulled-back handlebar, and mid-mounted controls, leading to a relaxed riding position. But more interesting than what is shown are the things we can’t see. These pictures clearly show clutch and shift levers, begging the question of whether Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission, as seen on the CTX700, NC700, and VFR1200, will be adapted to the CTX1300. These pictures also show the CTX1300 without ABS, though we’d have to strongly believe it would be an option.

Honda is scheduled to make an announcement soon, where we believe the CTX1300, which bridges the gap between the CTX700 and Gold Wing, will be officially announced.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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