Real Life Superhero Patrols Argentine Streets, Fights Crime on a Bajaj Pulsar 200

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Anyone who has read a comic book has probably dreamed about putting on a mask and going out to strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers. A 43-year-old man in Argentina has been doing just that, dressing up and taking the name “Menganno” and patrolling the streets of Buenos Aires on a Bajaj Pulsar 200.

Menganno has been patrolling his neighborhood since at least 2010, usually in makeshift armor carrying a flashlight, pepper spray and a Captain Amerca-style blue and white shield. He added another weapon to an arsenal recently which has landed him in hot water with (actual) law enforcement, leading to Menganno being unmasked as Oscar Lefosse, a former police officer who served from 1986 to 1996.

In late January, Lefosse and his wife arrived at their home and allegedly came upon three robbers. Lefosse allegedly pulled out a Glock and opened fire at the intruders. Someone posting as Menganno on his official Facebook page claimed the three intruders were also armed and attacking him, posting a picture of his bullet-riddled car. Law enforcement officials dispute this account, according to The Telegraph, saying the bullets were fired from inside the car.

Lefosse now faces charges for operating a firearm as his gun license had expired. Menganno had previously Speaking to Argentine news outlet La Capital, Lefosse says he is ashamed he had to use a gun and broke into tears about how fortunate it was that no one was injured.

[Source: La Capital, The Telegraph via, Menganno ( Facebook)

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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