Jorge Lorenzo Gets His Motorcycle License

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

2010 MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo has earned his A2 Spanish motorcycle license. Last month, we learned Lorenzo was practicing for the test on a Yamaha YB250R motorcycle, and now the Yamaha factory racer has completed the practical portion of the test. Here he is pictured with his riding teacher Xavi Vallejo (and wouldn’t it be cool to tell people you taught a MotoGP World Champion how to ride a motorcycle?).

With his new A2 license, Lorenzo is now allowed to ride a motorcycle on the streets of Spain, provided the bike is restricted to no more than 47 hp. A far cry from his Yamaha M1, to say the least.

In an interview with Spanish site shortly after completing the test, Lorenzo admits he was a bit nervous; not because of riding but because he was being evaluated.

Comparing riding on public roads to racing on world class racing circuits, Lorenzo says riding on the street is a lot more complicated.

“Roundabouts, the yield, the stop … well you have to know the signs. It is more difficult,” Lorenzo tells

Vallejo tells Lorenzo was a good student, though it was a bit odd seeing someone used to traveling nearly 200 mph being “fragile” making his way through traffic.

[Source: Jorge Lorenzo ( Facebook),]

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