Top 10 Products at the V-Twin Expo 2012

Greg Friend
by Greg Friend

We find the coolest new cruiser components for 2012

As always, the industry-only V-Twin Expo is almost as much fun as riding with a group of your best friends. It’s a veritable orgy of bitchin’ display bikes, hot vender-booth babes, and all the latest performance parts that no one else has had a chance to see yet. Proven as a launching pad for manufacturer’s new products; the Ohio, Cincinnati show’s12th year did not disappoint. The attendees at this year’s show were treated to over 230 exhibitors and more than 200,000 square feet of exhibits- easily more to see than any one man can in the short, two-and-a-half days that it lasted. Here’s a digested version of the products at the show, highlighting what we felt were the top 10 best parts. Enjoy! Also, be sure to check out our list of the 10 best custom bikes we saw in Cincinnati.
Not only will these 113ci Revolution Performance cylinders up the displacement of all 110ci H-D motors (and therefore horsepower and torque), but they’ll also considerably lower motor operating temperatures. They claim that eliminating the steel cylinder sleeve will reduce engine temperatures by 30 to 40 degrees! This kit includes aerospace grade, all aluminum cylinders with nickel-silicon-carbide electroplated bores, new Revolution Performance pistons, and high performance head gaskets. This is a true bolt-on kit and absolutely no machine work is required. And, don’t forget that the cylinders carry a lifetime warranty against warping and/or plating defects.

American made
Kits start at $1099.95
Visit or call 920-892-2109

Belt Drives, Ltd. is now manufacturing GMA brake products and just released its latest line of 4-piston calipers in this new design. Available for all Softail and Dyna models from 2000 to 2012, BDL says that these babies are sure to bring your bike to a halt faster than anything from the factory, and they look better, too! GMA’s calipers are CNC machined in-house from top-quality aluminum billet to exacting tolerances for unparalleled function and performance. Plus, they’re available in chrome and black finishes.

American made
Calipers start at $378.00
Visit or call 714-693-1313

One of the most popular stock replacement batteries weighs a whopping 14.1 lbs, where the Ballistic 12 Cell weighs a mere 2.5 lbs. For less than $190.00, and in a few minute’s time you can shave 11.6 lbs off of your bike! The 12 Cell EVO2 and EVO2 L models are the work horses of the Ballistic Performance Component battery line-up. If your powersports vehicle has a modified motor, additional electrical accessories, or operates in extreme conditions, they also make a 16 Cell EVO2 for added durability and extra cranking amps. There is no special charger required, but periodic balance charging the 12 Cell EVO2 with their BMS charger will supposedly extend the life of the battery. It’s covered by a 3-year warranty.

Assembled in USA
EVO2 batteries start at $189.99
Check out or call 843-552-7087

Leaders in the camshaft business for over 30 years and constantly proving that point with new racing records every year, it’s safe to say that Andrews Products knows cams. Don’t let that backyard mechanic fool you, camshafts in ’07-’11 twin-cam engines and ’06 Dynas use a specific roller chain cam drive that is not interchangeable with earlier twin-cam engines. They have an extensive list of cams to make your engine do whatever you want it to, from maximizing low-end torque to high-rpm (for a Harley) horsepower. Along with increased performance, each cam kit is designed for use with stock lifters and includes a cam chest gasket and inner bearings

American Made
Prices start at $281.56
Call 847-759-0190 or visit

The eternal struggle between cool and compliant continues with the latest in minimalist, street-legal turn signals from Alloy-Art. Featuring a super clean leading edge, these lights hug the downtubes and are nestled between the triple trees- nothing unsightly protruding and calling attention to itself, and maintaining legality. Each pair of lights is made from CNC machined aluminum with injection molded polycarbonate lenses, with bright LEDs. Of course, they’re available in chrome or black anodized finishes.

American made
Turn Signals start at $187.95
For more information, call 626-963-5012 or visit

The new Rolling Thunder ‘09 and up Bagger frame is designed as a stock replacement, yet one glance reveals that it’s far superior than its predecessor. The rubber-mounted Touring front section allows you to mount the stock HD swing arm and either the stock seat tail section or any bolt-on aftermarket drop seat tail section – eliminating the need for stripping down an existing bike, only to start over. The frame comes with either the stock rake dimensions or can be ordered to fit the new larger diameter 23”, 26” or 30” front wheels that are popular these days. Other options include any stretch or configuration you desire along with other alternatives such as single down-tubes, radius single down-tubes or dual-radius down-tubes.

Made in Canada
Pricing varies with options
For more Information, dial 450-699-7045 or send them an e-mail at

Originally known for their exceptional sheetmetal, RWD’s latest parts excursion enables a rider to better see what’s behind him or her. RWD’s new mirror line is designed to increase a rider’s rear view of the road without looking like a flyswatter duct-taped to a broom handle. They work like a convex photo lens, with a convex-shaped mirror that will enhance your view and your safety. Four different styles are available in chrome or black with a long or short stem, and are designed to fit just about anything with two-wheels.

Assembled in the USA
Starting at $55.00
For more information, contact Russ Wernimont Designs at 951-698-9495 or visit

What’s a Fat-Glide, you ask? Turn your ‘09-‘12 dual-headlight Fat-Bob into a Road Glide lookalike with Memphis Shades’ new quick-detachable windshield. Sporting a clean, aerodynamic shape; it maintains its strength with a black textured ABS inner structure. Windshields are available in a multitude of heights with optional wind deflectors. Trigger-Lock mount kits allow you to quickly and easily remove or install your fairing, plus it’s pre-drilled and fitted with push-out hole-plugs for easy wind deflector installation.

Starting at $497.85
Visit or call 901-853-0293

If you’re riding a lowered FLH you’re probably aware that the stock kickstand no longer provides the correct angle when the bike is parked. Pingel has created a line of lowered kickstands that not only correct the parked angle, but also provide a better designed foot pad to put more surface area on the ground. Plus, it’s designed to work with the stock kickstand spring.

Made in the USA
So new, the price wasn’t determined
Contact Pingel at 608-339-7999 or visit

As more people swing a leg over Victorys, the aftermarket will continue to respond. Such is the case with Revolution Manufacturing’s new Victory line of parts. Its floorboards are so new, and they were so excited to get it to the show, that they decided to showcase it in their booth in its raw aluminum state. These floorboards fit the Victory Vision, Cross Country, Cross Roads, and Hard Ball, and are finished in anodized gloss black w/ accent cuts or chrome for the same price. Special finishes are available upon request (at extra cost).

American Made
Starting at $443.63 per pair
For more information, contact Revolution Manufacturing at 770-420-9191 or visit

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