US Highland Making a Comeback

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

US Highland appears to be making a comeback, announcing plans to begin processing new orders and having discussions with several OEMs for the use of the Oklahoma company’s powertrains.

The Tulsa-based company did not mention which OEMs it is working with, though US Highland says the discussions could result in sales of over 20,000 units per year.

The company is developing fuel injected V-Twin engines in 750cc, 950cc and 1050cc displacements and Singles in 350cc, 450cc and 507cc displacements. US Highland is also continuing to develop whole vehicles such as the new Street Tracker pictured above, equipping them with frames produced by Outokumpu, brakes from Brembo and offering customers a choice of Marzocchi or Ohlins forks along with Ohlins rear suspension systems. US Highland says it will begin processing new orders in April 2012.

“US Highland offers to the global market something unique to the industry — complete powertrain platforms. We are really a technology company at the heart of it all,” says Robert Harris, recently appointed chairman of US Highland. “Our engine platforms coupled with our innovative fuel systems are unique. Patent application processes to enhance, build value, and protect our growing suite of Highland IP are being carried forward by our skilled management team.”

The past year and a half have been tough for US Highland. The company lost three senior executives including company founder and Chief Executive Officer Mats Malmberg in a plane crash in July 2010. Despite efforts to continue with a new management team, the company idled its production facility this January.

US Highland appears to be back with a new management team. Bengt Andersson, the sole original director of the company, stepped down as chief executive officer and chief financial officer of US Highland on Sept. 20, handing the reigns over to 17-year veteran in the automotive industry Harris and new CEO and CFO John R. Fitzpatrick, a former executive with Harley-Davidson and the Gilroy-era Indian Motorcycles.

The company also sponsored UFC fighter Gray Maynard in his UFC 136 main event challenge against lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

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