EBR Nation Part 3: Made In America

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
ebr nation part 3 made in america
ebr nation part 3 made in america

Erik Buell Racing has released the third episode of its series about the new 1190RS sportbike.

The latest episode focuses on the company’s “Made in America” philosophy, with its goal of producing a high-performance superbike in the U.S.A.

As Erik Buell, racer Geoff May and designer Tony Stefanelli discuss the themes of innovation and freedom, we can’t help but wonder however whether they’re talking about American ideals, or about being out from Harley-Davidson’s umbrella.

“We want to live free, we want to think free, we want to be able do what we want as individuals,” Stefanelli says in the video. What do you think readers? Check the video after the jump and let us know.

[Source: Erik Buell Racing]

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