Friday the 13th in Port Dover

Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

28 year tradition continues

While the Daytona and Sturgis bike rallies normally fall around the same time of year during favorable climates, the small town of Port Dover in Southern Ontario becomes a destination for bikers each and every Friday the 13th, no matter what the weather brings.

The tradition started back in 1981 when ‘Biker’s Delight’ shop owner Chris Simons and a few friends got together at the Commercial Hotel in Port Dover for a few beers, which incidentally fell on a Friday the 13th. As the story goes, they all had such a good time that they agreed to do it again the next time a Friday the 13th came around. And so a ritual was born. Word traveled year after year, continuing to attract new riders and returning veterans until attendance went from dozens to thousands.
28 years later the tradition is still growing, as riders of all shapes and sizes on bikes of all kinds take over the small town each and every time the 13th day of a month lands on a Friday. Last year, the lone Friday the 13th of 2008 fell in June under sunny skies and warm weather, which drew a record number of attendees. 2009 will separate the die-hards from the fair-weather riders as the event falls in February, March and November. How many people will brave the cold wind and icy conditions to take part in the festivities? We’ll soon find out. Will YOU be there?
Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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