Motorcycle Riding Creates Bug Art

Joe Magro
by Joe Magro

Bugs give up their lives for immortality

AD Maddox on her Ducati
Being an artist, A.D. Maddox (pictured above) believed that all of the dead bugs accumulated on her leather jacket while riding her motorcycle were going to waste and could lead to an artistic endeavor. Her creative solution? Slap on a painting to the front of her Ducati and bring her art to another level.
Does capitalizing on the premature termination of these insects’ lives bug Maddox? “I don’t feel bad about killing bugs, if they get pissed off at me in their next life that’s fine, they can come back and bite me, chances are l will plow them again, collect them and cash another check” Maddox candidly states in her video interview.

Check out some samples of her bug art. Does this qualify for art of just another gimmick? You be the judge.

Joe Magro
Joe Magro

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