1. Ride Naked


If you, your passenger or both of you are naked on your bike, you can be sure that everyone around you is aware of your presence. Bonus attention points are added for high-quality tattoos. Aside from the benefits of conspicuity that riding nude provides, you will also be much cooler on those hot summer evenings on the commute home. During the morning commute, your work clothes remain sweat-free, too. On Friday and Saturday nights, naked trolling of the boulevard is a great way to get dates. Perhaps the most overlooked reason for riding nude is that if you do it for enough years, you’ll never have to invest in another set of leathers. Your skin will be tanned and dried like those expensive hides manufacturers charge hundreds of dollars for – all for free!

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If your local indecent exposure laws won’t let you ride nude, you can always resort to a thong bikini. Just make sure it’s a neon color … for conspicuity.