6. Morgan 3 Wheeler


The one car on this list I’ve actually had the pleasure of driving, the modern day Morgan 3 Wheeler, is not meant to be a performance-oriented machine. And that’s what makes it special. Whether you drive it at a leisurely speed or wick up the pace a bit, the 3 Wheeler is a rewarding drive guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Powered by a S&S X-Wedge 1983cc V-Twin, the slow-revving lump may not be the most technologically advanced engine on this list, but the X-Wedge pumps out plenty of tire-spinning torque, and the 5-speed trans from a Mazda Miata is “buttah” smooth. It’s a rather impractical car, too – with a limited amount of storage space and minimal protection from the elements – but I don’t care. I want one.