8. Scorpion P6

012915-top-10-vehicles-motorcycle-engines-08-scorpion p6

The classification of a vehicle with less than four wheels as a motorcycle may seem a little far fetched to some (including E-i-C Duke), but this apparent loophole in the system makes it possible for radical vehicles like this Scorpion P6 to exist. The race car influences are obvious on this three-wheeler. From its exposed wheels, carbon fiber body, racing pedals, and race car-like suspension, it’s clear the Scorpion is meant to provide a thrill ride. Power for the P6 comes from a 599cc Kawasaki ZX-6R engine, and Scorpion claims 0-60 mph is achieved in 3.5 seconds. Looking at videos of the P6 on the internet, the thing looks like a handful, prone to snap oversteer if you’re not careful, a claim Duke can confirm after a brief stint driving one. Still, I’m sure the experience would be exhilarating.