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As the anticipation for spring riding season grows among motorcycle enthusiasts, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) introduces a proactive approach to safety and education. The foundation, a beacon for motorcycle safety through comprehensive training and education programs, has made a notable shift by offering its previously exclusive eCourses directly to the public. This initiative aims to foster a culture of safety and responsibility among riders, regardless of their experience level.

A New Era of Accessibility

For years, the MSF's eCourses were only accessible as a component of the MSF RiderCourse, accessible through certified training providers. However, in a move to broaden its reach and impact, MSF has now made these valuable resources available on its website for anyone interested in motorcycle safety and education.

Diverse Course Offerings for Every Rider

The MSF's online educational portfolio is designed to cater to the varied needs of the motorcycle community, offering four distinct eCourses:

  • Basic eCourse: Priced at $19.99, this three-hour introduction is ideal for newcomers, providing foundational knowledge and insights into motorcycling.
  • Street Strategies: Also at $19.99, this course targets riders with some experience. It sharpens mental skills for navigating traffic and emphasizes strategies for safe riding on streets.
  • Human Factors: Available for $19.99, this course delves into the psychological and social aspects of riding, offering valuable perspectives for both new and seasoned motorcyclists.
  • ePackage Options: For comprehensive learning, the Basic RiderCourse ePackage1 and Basic RiderCourse2 ePackage2 are offered at $39.99 each. These packages combine crucial aspects of the basic eCourse with human factors and street strategies, tailored to both novice and experienced riders.

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MSF's Commitment to Lifelong Safe Riding

Since 1973, the MSF has been at the forefront of promoting motorcycle safety through rigorous training, education, and public information programs. Collaborating with various stakeholders, including federal and state agencies, and the military, MSF aims to enhance the riding experience for individuals across skill levels. The introduction of eCourses to the public marks a significant milestone in MSF's mission, ensuring that a wider audience can benefit from its expertise and contribute to a culture of safety and responsibility on the roads.


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's initiative to make its eCourses available to the public is a testament to its dedication to motorcycle safety and education. By offering accessible, comprehensive training online, MSF empowers riders to take charge of their safety and enjoy the freedom of motorcycling with confidence and responsibility.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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