MO Poll: What Kind of Riding Do You Do?

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams
mo poll what kind of riding do you do

What kind of riding do you do? It’s easy to look at polls online as click-bait, or a trojan horse of somesort but sometimes, it really is just to help us get to know our readers better. Sure, we have posted plenty of silly polls over the years that don’t have any real interest to us other than engaging our readers and gauging general interest in a type of product or motorcycle or maybe which of two motorcycles one might prefer, but in the end, it’s a helpful way for us to better understand our audience.

While this one may seem relatively mundane, it helps us when brainstorming content. So, do us a favor. Have a vote! Tell us what kind of riding do you do. Pick the types of riding you do most and for a limited time, if you see ol’ Evans (EvB) Brasfield out on the town, show him you voted to redeem one free dad joke!

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