SX stars speak out on CPSIA

Pro racers support amending lead ban

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 14, 2009
Supercross stars such as James Stewart, Travis Pastrana and Jeff Emig are speaking out against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in a pair of videos released by the Motorcycle Industry Council.

“I understand what they’re trying to do, but they’re doing it in the wrong way,” says Stewart in one of two videos on “It’s not saving anyone, it’s hurting everyone.”

Stewart, a multiple-time Supercross and Motocross champion, joined a dozen other professional riders in two videos filmed March 21 during the St. Louis round of the 2009 AMA Supercross season.

Also lending their voices to the cause were Pastrana, Kevin Windham, Mike Alessi, Davi Millsaps, Nicco Izzi, Andrew Short, Ivan Tedesco, Blake Wharton, Jim Holley, Tommy Hahn, Broc Helpler and Jeff Emig.

James Stewart joins a dozen other SX and MX stars to speak out against the CPSIA.Emig, a Motocross champion, Motorcycle Hall of Famer and father of two, says the CPSIA’s ban on youth motorcycles could negatively impact the future of the sport.

“I grew up racing Motocross and riding motorcycles as a family outing. Our camping trips revolved around riding,” says Emig. “If the lead ban stayed in place and children weren’t allowed to ride until they’re 13 … I think there’d be a definite slow down in the talent.”

In one of the videos, the racing stars urge motorcycle enthusiasts to visit to find out how to contact their congressional representatives and appropriate committee members. The site, set up by the MIC, also encourages people to show their support to bills S. 608 and H.R. 1587 which seek to amend the CPSIA to provide exceptions for youth off-highway vehicles.

“All of these pros understand what’s at stake for upcoming riders, their families, thousands of powersports employees, many small businesses and major manufacturers, too,” says Paul Vitrano, general counsel for the MIC. “It says a lot that these heroes and so many in the industry are working together and doing everything possible to get this damaging lead law changed.”

The two videos are also available on YouTube:
CPSIA Rider Reactions
CPSIA Reach Out