Help Getting Wife To Ride Again Staff
by Staff
I need help trying to get my wife to start riding. She had toyed with the idea of riding before we met, and I certainly have encouraged her. Last year she took and passed the MSF course and has her license. We had bought an old CB360 (now for sale) for her to use but she never liked it, couldn't find neutral all that easy on that bike. She suprized me one day by having us buy her a GS500. She was only willing to ride that once before we got knocked off of my bike last June.

We finally got her into a parking lot last week and she did well, but I haven't been able to persuade her to ride since, or to try getting out onto the road.

I really do understand being spooked, and don't want to terrorize her into riding... ...which would have the exact opposite effect. The problem is that we are doing a cross country trip in July/August and while we can find a way to haul two people and camping gear on one bike, it would be easier on two. She has repeatedly stated her excitement at riding and desire to do so, but when it comes time to actually do it she suddenly wants to do something else. I've done my best to take the pressure off. I've offered to have one of my fellow MSF instructors help her but she says she doesn't mind me helping her. She is a wonderful woman and I'm going to love just as much whether she rides or not.

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