Reader Feedback: Aprilia Tuono

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Yes, yes, Yossef already wrote a fantastic article about the Tuono. We know this, but when we found out that we'd be able to take a spin on one, what were we supposed to say, "maybe later"? Not likely. However, the one stipulation was that we could have it for only one weekend. Thats right. Here on Friday afternoon, gone on Monday morning. Yikes. Without further complications, I present to you the opinions of two people who were able to get a short, personal introduction to the Aprilia Tuono.

Torrance, California, Novemeber 2, 2002 -- We managed to grab a quick spin upon Aprilia's tasty new Tuono R for the weekend, which of course does not constitute an actual Road Test (not here at MO anyway). A weekend, though, was more than enough to conclude that our man Yossef was not just whistling Dixie in his earlier dispatch from the Old World. This is about the most exciting bike we've ridden since, well, last month's pretty exciting but not nearly so powerful Buell Lightning. (There's a whole climactic theme happening lately.) We also had an S4 Monster in the hangar and couldn't help comparing.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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