Rear Suspension - Mono Shock Vs. Dual Shock

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim

Here is my opinion on the matter:

Actually, it's more a matter of packaging. Where would the shock fit? For a cruiser where outright performance takes second-place to style, once the engineers know where the shock can't go, its up to the designers to make the shock position look good. Then the suspension and chassis engineers can go back and fine tune placement and what not in order to make it work.

Take the V-Rod for example, what takes the spot that a rear shock would go? A fuel tank. The Victory Vegas has a mono-shock, and it's hidden too. How'd they do that? They were able to utilize one of the design criteria of the machine; to be long and low. Once the engineers knew that they had enough room to stick a shock inside, they just had to find the right position. In this case it's offset slightly to the right (if you were sitting on the bike).

In most cases, you won't notice the difference between a mono-shock or dual-shock equipped machine. Some think engineers and accountants are constantly at odds over which is better, but it's more of a , "what looks best for the application."

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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