Aprilia at Misano

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Aprilia's Misano tests ended today. After an intensive test program, Corser's andLaconi's RSV Mille are setting off for England, where next week the WSB Championship race will beplayed out at Donington Park for the sixth round.

Troy Corser set out this morning and did 29 laps before asking to continue testsduring the 15 minutes of the scheduled time out. The light right shoulder trouble he sustained in his crash atMonza's first variant of Race 1, is now getting painful...

Yesterday Troydid a really intense job, riding for 93 laps -- that means almost fourSuperbike races, 25 laps long, and today the muscle pain started to givehim trouble mainly during the fast changes of direction.

" We did anexcellent job" said Corser, " Starting from front forks tested that gaveme the possibility to find an interesting feedback, to the engine andit's injection system setting. I'm pretty satisfied concerning lap timesand tires, too. But it's also truth that when we'll be back to Misano forthe end of June races, track conditions will be also different; outthere within few days they'll race trucks and grip of the track will not bethe same. Sure, it will be important to select in detail the mostsuitable race tires".

95 laps for Regis Laconi, that will use all his available time to finish the tires tests. At this time, the Frenchmanhas already tried 19 different compound solutions that Dunlop hasprepared for Misano.

" Tires apart, today I set interesting solutions toaim at the next races, I also worked on front forks" said Regis. "I found asolution that is really well fitting with the bike's feeling during ahard brake, and I was pleased with a technical solution we found. Also, after so many laps the opinion I have on Misano's track is not changed,it's fantastic and really fun".

Alessandro Antonello, official Noale's Superbike tester, set 50 lapsfinishing the work program: "I finished with the suspension tests andalso checking different tires. I'm satisfied also concerning final gearratio and I'm ready to face June's races. I have available margin and Ibelieve that I can improve my lap time".

Temperatures: morning 25° air / 38° ground - afternoon 24° air / 36°ground.

Unofficial times by data acquisition:Troy Corser: 1'36.181Regis Laconi:1'36.664Alessandro Antonello: 1'36.651
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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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