Castrol Honda Tests at Misano

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Castrol Honda's World Superbike riders Colin Edwards and Tady Okada andWorld Supersport rider Chris Vermeulen are in confident mood after theopening day of a two-day test session at the Misano circuit in Italy.

Edwards said: "We've probably learnt more about the machine today than wehave all season. We played around with suspension settings and got themachine working really well. My only concern is that the temperature willprobably be a lot higher when we get back here for the race next month..."

Edwards' fellow Castrol VTR rider Okada commented: "The layout of the Misanocircuit really suits the VTR and it's a track I like. We've got some morechanges to the machine for tomorrow and I¹ve some new tires to test but I'mpleased with the progress we¹ve made and with my lap time."

Supersport rider Vermeulen, on his first visit to Misano, said: "It's agreat track and it really suits the 600 Honda. We've had four rounds of thechampionship now and I think we were all ready for a good test. We've beenable to take our time and try settings that we couldn't try in a regularchampionship round weekend."

The Castrol Honda and Ducati teams are expected to test new Michelin tireson Wednesday at Misano after a road accident meant the delivery to Misanowas delayed.

Castrol Honda team manager Neil Tuxworth explained: "The Michelintransporter crashed on its way from France to Misano and some of the stockof tires went missing. We're hoping the remainder will arrive at Misano thisevening for the riders to test on Wednesday."

The test session concludes tomorrow. Round eight of the World Superbikechampionship and round seven of the World Supersport championship will bestaged at Misano on June 24.

Leading times:Superbike:Troy Corser, Australia (Aprilia) 1m 36.19sAlessandro Antonello, Italy (Aprilia) 1m 36.70sTroy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 1m 36.90sColin Edwards, USA (Castrol Honda) 1m 36.91sTady Okada, Japan (Castrol Honda) 1m 37.16sRegis Laconi, France (Aprilia) 1m 37.71sRuben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 1m 37.90sMisano lap record:Troy Corser, Australia (Aprilia) 1m 35.986s (June 200)
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