Aprilia Tests at Misano

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It was a private test session for the official Aprilia Superbike squad atMisano's Santamonica Circuit. After Monza's weekend, Corser, Laconi andAntonello set out on the track again to prepare the races on the 24th of June.

Only one day after Monza's weekend and the Aprilia's RSW Millestarted to run again on Misano's Santamonica circuit for the first oftwo days of private tests. Official riders Troy Corser and Regis Laconiwith test rider Alessandro Antonello started to prepare for the SanMarino GP held out there next month on this technical circuit close tothe Adriatic sea...

Chassis set-up, final gearing and tires tests are the scheduled work that theAprilia riders have to face during these two days. Weatherconditions are good after the rain of the past few days.

On the track also was the 500 GP bike of Noale'sRace Department, with Roberto Rolfo as rider. On the experimentalAprilias are some details that the factory will use onfuture projects (four-stroke GP, perhaps? -- Minime.

Cloudy sky in the morning, almost clear in the noon, blowing wind.Temperatures: 20° air/ 22° ground - Afternoon: 25°air/35 ground.

Hard job for Troy Corser after 93 laps: " Good job on bike set up , Itested two different front forks, many brake systems and race tires,riding many laps to test them strongly. I like this track so I canreally ride fast out there, it's proved by times. I had somedifficulties due the blowing wind, disturbing you when you are ridinginto the "Misano1" turn and outside the "Carro", just before the longstraight.

"Really powerful engine compared to last year's that, anyway, gave me the possibility to reach a double victory. Today I didn'tpush hard, tomorrow we will see how we are improving with the schedule."

Really enthusiastic talking about the track, Regis Laconi, first timehere in Misano: "I tested many race tires solution and today's 70 lapsare not so heavy. I will continue tomorrow the set up program. I have abig feeling with the track: ideal with my riding style."

60 laps for Alessandro Antonello:" I'm working a lot on the suspensionset up to increase it's efficiency on some track bumps which haveone of the most difficult grips to understand. I will find all thesolutions that should give the possibility to reach the best set-up."

Unofficial times, from data acquisition:
Troy Corser: 1:36.190
Regis Laconi:1:37.716
Alessandro Antonello: 1:36.701

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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