Ducati to Four-Stroke GP

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Ducati Motor Holding SpA has decided to entrust its dedicated racingstructure, Ducati Corse, with the task of studying the construction of afour-stroke prototype, which will eventually take part in the Grand PrixWorld Championship in the near future.

Racing forms part of Ducati's DNA and has always represented the mainpromotional vehicle for the Borgo Panigale-based manufacturer...

Ducati is the most successful manufacturer in the history of WorldSuperbike, the championship reserved for four-stroke, large capacityproduction-based sportsbikes, and has won 17 titles (8 Riders and 9Manufacturers) in this category of racing since 1990.

This remarkable record, which has been achieved with its desmodromic twincylinder bikes, has contributed to the extraordinary commercial success ofthe Ducati marque, which has paralleled success in the World SuperbikeChampionship.

A careful analysis of the opportunities offered by the new regulations,which allow 990cc four-stroke prototypes to take part in the GP category,together with the company's recent success, which saw a record productionrun of 39,000 motorbikes in the year 2000, has convinced Ducati to embark onthis ambitious new project.

Ducati Corse engineers are working on taking the concept of thetwin-cylinder desmodromic engine to its extreme limit. This radical newengine will eventually be inserted in a tubular trestle frame, in the besttradition of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. The aim is to build acompetitive and innovative prototype while at the same time maintaining thefeatures that have made Ducati famous and successful throughout the world.

Innovative and avant-guard ideas, which have become the key characteristicsof the success and exclusivity of Ducati bikes all over the world, will inthe future be experimented not only in Superbike but also in GP racing andwill help to further increase the quality and performance of Ducati^Òs roadmodels.

In the coming years Ducati will therefore be involved with factory teams ontwo fronts: in Superbike for the promotion and development of its ownproduction bikes and in Grands Prix for the experimentation of newtechnologies.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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