Carmichael Wins in Salty Lake

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
In Salt Lake City, Utah, Honda Racing's Ezra Lusk was set for a 250cc main event showdown withnewly-crowned champion Ricky Carmichael as the two friendly rivals have finishedfirst and second in the last two Supercross events. But as the gate dropped in themain, Lusk crashed hard in the first turn and was dead-last after getting back on thetrack.

In the 125-class, Team Yamaha's Ernesto Fonseca wrapped up the 125-class championship on board Yamaha's YZ250F...

125 West Final Race Results (Top 10)1. Ernesto Fonseca YAMAHA2. Ivan Tedesco HONDA3. Justin Buckelew YAMAHA4. Grant Langston KTM5. Rodrig Thain SUZUKI6. Jason McCormick SUZUKI7. Keith Johnson YAMAHA8. Travis Preston HUSQVARNA9. Greg Schnell YAMAHA10. Steve Boniface HONDA250 Final Race Results (Top 10)1. Ricky Carmichael KAWASAKI2. Tim Ferry YAMAHA3. Mike LaRocco HONDA4. David Vuillemin YAMAHA5. Ezra Lusk HONDA6. Jeremy McGrath YAMAHA7. Kevin Windham SUZUKI8. Stephane Roncada KAWASAKI9. Sebastien Tortelli HONDA10. Michael Byrne KAWASAKI125 West Points Standing (Top 10)1. Ernesto Fonseca (#25 YAMAHA) 168 pts.2. Rodrig Thain (#32 SUZUKI) 139 pts.3. Justin Buckelew (#38 YAMAHA) 137 pts.4. Grant Langston (#111 KTM) 131 pts.5. Ivan Tedesco (#42 HONDA) 128 pts.6. Danny Smith (#29 SUZUKI) 92 pts.8. Travis Preston (#40 HUSQVARNA) 88 pts.7. David Pingree (#46 KTM) 87 pts.9. Greg Schnell (#30 YAMAHA) 80 pts.10. Jasin McCormick (#48 SUZUKI) 69 pts.250 Points Standing (Top 10)1. Ricky Carmichael (#4 KAWASAKI) 367 pts.2. Jeremy McGrath (#1 YAMAHA) 306 pts.3. Mike LaRocco (#5 HONDA) 271 pts.4. Ezra Lusk (#11 HONDA) 254 pts.5. Kevin Windham (#14 SUZUKI) 245 pts.6. Tim Ferry (#15 YAMAHA) 201 pts.7. David Vuillemin (#934 YAMAHA) 153 pts.8. Stephane Roncada (#21 KAWASAKI) 147 pts.9. Michael Byrne (#990 KAWASAKI) 130 pts.10. Damon Huffman (#20 YAMAHA) 125 pts.
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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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