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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Castrol Honda's World Superbike team of Colin Edwards and Tady Okada endedtoday's action in fifth and seventh places respectively after the openingqualifying session for round three of the World Superbike championship hereat Phillip Island, Australia.

Edwards was disappointed not to have recorded a faster lap time but theAmerican is confident of improving his start position in the SaturdaySuperpole action...

"I just had a bad day today with slower riders," said Edwards. "There aresome riders out there who can hold you up badly. You exit a corner andthere'll be a slower rider in the middle of the track - that lap is finishedfor you.

"I wasn't out there looking for a one-lap wonder but trying to put in someconsistent laps on a potential rear race tire and being held up doing thatis just as bad as having a pole position lap messed up. I got about threefree, clear laps all session this afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow we can getin some solid laps and have some idea about tyres for the races."

Okada commented: "I was very much like Colin and was slowed in the traffic.But I¹m happy with the machine and Michelin have some good tyres for ushere. I really would like some track time tomorrow in the dry so hopefullythe rain will stay away."

Okada added: "The machine is working well around here, the engine feelsstrong and we've just got one or two minor adjustments to make to thesuspension set-up for tomorrow."

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