Is Your Jacket Stolen?

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
On Sunday evening, April 7th, armed gunmen broke into a guarded, Wilmington, CAtrucking storage yard and stole two overseas containers, one of which held 2,000 Tour Master Cortech® SportJackets.

The yard holds recently-arrived overseas shipments awaiting delivery to their final destinations, and is under24-hour security. But the gunmen subdued the guard on duty and held him for three hours while they ransacked theyard's containers...

to find what they wanted. Police say the thieves have struck before, and for this reason a specialtask force has been established to investigate a series of similar commercial thefts.

The stolen Tour Master Jackets are all identified by the I.D. #105569 located below the Care Instructions on thelower right-hand side of both the jacket liner and shell. Five colors of jackets are involved: Black, Black/Red,Black/Blue, Black/Silver, and Black Yellow, in sizes XS through XXL.

Police ask that consumers or retail dealers coming in contact with any of the stolen jackets, or being approachedby someone trying to sell them, should take no action other than noting the circumstances and contacting Task Forcedetectives immediately at one of the 24/7 pager numbers below. The thieves are considered armed and dangerous.

Contact:Detective Mark Zavala: (213) 920-1832Detective Dan Nee: (661) 290-7563Sergeant Dave Owens: (213) 360-3106 Trying to make the best of the situation, and with characteristic humor, Phil Bellomy, Vice President and Partnerof Helmet House, Inc., the Calabasas Hills, CA-based importer of the Tour Master line of motorcycle apparel, gloves,rainsuits, bags and luggage, said, "We knew Tour Master's popularity was really growing, but I guess this definitely makes us the 'hottest' jackets in the industry now."
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Brent Avis
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