Aprilia Tests at Monza

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Today was the first day of a private test at Monza for Noale's R&D Racing Team. Theirofficial tester, Alessandro Antonello, got on the track with the RSV MilleEvolution. Thetrack layout has been changed in two different parts: the chicane at theend of the start-finish straight and the Roggia's variant.

Alessandro Antonello reached the trackwith RSV Mille Evolution test bike. He got 32 laps, testing newcomponents on the Noale'sV2...

The official Aprilia tester ran what Aprilia hopes to be a muchbetter racing package in extremely stressful conditions to check thereliability, continue R&D's tests and working. This is all to prepare for theSuperbike race held on 13 April at Monza's track.

The workprogram included the injection system set-up, brakes test comparison,and tires tests, too. For Monza's race, one of the fastest track onSuperbike's calendar are up to use different tires with a differentprofile and specific compound.

"The main job is regarding the test of new components," said the officialtester Alessasndro Antonello. "But this test session gave us thepossibility to set many small details for next Monza's race. The trackhas novelty , to set the first variant you have to slacken in a bit ofspace and going into the right turn with a clean line. The previouscheck points were different and to be fast out the turn you have tounderstand well the chicane".

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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