Fantasy Superbike Racing!

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Fantasy Superbike 2001 [fsb*01] is an online version of the popular fantasy genre, revolving around the FIM World Superbike Championships. Starting with just a pile of fantasy cash you can build and name your own team, buy and sell riders and bikes. Chart your progress in the public league and set up your own private league for you and your friends. E-mail updates of all the scores are sent after every race. Have you got what it takes to be fsb*01 champion?

MO talked with fsb*01 co-founder Mike Scott, and found him to be a pleasant chap, kind enough to respond in detail about the fsb*01 site:

"This is very much a labour of love" Mike tells us. "fsb*01 started out three years ago as a bunch ofExcel spreadsheets (for calculating the scores), just in a closed communityof myself and a bunch of fellow nutters from Scotland. it was only thistime last year, that I figured that it would be way cool to have it as anonline thingy...

"So we ran it last year in a similar form (all web based), but we decided that it was starting to look too slick to be kept just toourselves, and that we'd have a go at opening it up to the public.

"Two of us have put it together this year:Myself (Mike Scott), a Unix Systems Administrator with a bit of a hand forPerl, and my brother, Graham who is a dab hand withthe graphics side of things."

MO registered the Motorcycle.Com team, and, well, what can I say -- I hope we win! Go Bostrom! Wait, he's not on our team... oh well, here's a plug for Ben anyway: win in the real world!You can register for fsb*01 at their web site.

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Brent Plummer
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