Red Flag Fund to Manage Money Raised for Haskovec. Staff
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Sussex, WI - (December 20, 2006) Organizers of the Red Flag Fund arepleased to announce a new relationship with Vincent Haskovec in which theRed Flag Fund will assist the former AMA pro motorcycle roadracer with themanagement and distribution of money raised to help offset the cost of hisongoing treatment and medical expenses.

"When I first spoke with Vincent, it became clear that he could really useour help in managing the money that has been so generously raised forhim," said Red Flag Fund President Jeffery Kufalk. "Vincent continues toundergo expensive therapy and treatments and the Red Flag Fund can helpmanage and distribute the money raised for him so that he doesn't faceadded tax burdens."

"I sincerely want to thank Jeff and Jennifer Kufalk and the Red Flag Fundfor stepping up and taking on the challenge of raising funds to helpracers who, like me, have had their lives turned literally upside down inthe course of pursuing our passion," said Haskovec from his home inPhoenix. "Never give up hoping and dreaming is my motto, and I reallyappreciate every bit of help so many friends and complete strangers havegiven from their heart."

The Red Flag Fund is now able to accept any funds raised specifically forVincent Haskovec. Fully 100% of the funds raised specifically for VincentHaskovec will be used to directly assist him.

For more information on Vincent Haskovec, visit

Red Flag Fund, Inc. is non-stock, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable companyformed to provide financial assistance to seriously injured motorcycleroadracers, as well as educate motorcycle riders on the importance ofproper safety gear. For more information, go to

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