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From the Broken Spoke Saloon:

Sturgis, South Dakota [February 15, 2006] Jay Allen,owner of the World's Biggest Biker Bar, The BrokenSpoke Saloon, announces the development of a newSturgis venue, Broken Spoke Saloon at Sturgis CountyLine.

Sturgis County Line is 600 pristine acres of SouthDakota property on Highway 79, just miles outside ofthe town of Sturgis. The property will house a 22,500square foot Broken Spoke Saloon featuring vintagebikes, memorabilia, ice cold long necks, the best rockand honky-tonk music, other unique entertainment and,of course, the lovely Broken Spoke bartenders. Thenew land will be primarily used for agriculture andwill be available for local community events when notin use for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Jay Allen's Broken Spoke Saloon has been a favoritehonky-tonk for legendary bike builders and loyalpatrons for years. "Granted the Sturgis rally is agreat party," tells Mr. Allen. "but experiencing theBlack Hills is much more than that; it's a spiritualencounter. We intend to give the motorcycle touristsa more enchanting experience than ever before duringrally because the land is so beautiful and inspiring."

A unique and soulful experience is to be had at thisnew property that will host full RV hookups and tentcamping. Also on the premises will be a 24 hourdining facility, a large stage to host major musicacts, premiere vendors, motorcycle builders and custommanufacturers, and a Mexican Cantina. Future plansinclude other saloons on the property such as TheSchool House, The Builders Bar, and other diningcuisines.

"It amazes me that at the time, I had no idea thatDave Iversen would hand me the torch in 1993 to carryon with the Broken Spoke Saloon legacy!" explains Mr.Allen. "Since then, we have evolved to become theBiggest Biker Bar in the World. With locations inDaytona Beach, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina;Laconia, New Hampshire and of course Sturgis, SouthDakota. Not to mention our semi-tractor trailers thatdo several rallies around the country. I'm so excitedabout the new 600 acre location. Over the years, wehave not only bonded with the biking culture, but wehave learned to serve them well."

The original Broken Spoke Saloon will also continue atits legendary position on Lazelle Street featuringexclusive entertainment. A veteran and legend in themotorcycle culture, Jay Allen also owns Jay AllenProductions, a television production company, andBroken Spoke Saloon Racing, whereby he professionallyraces drag bikes.

Forthcoming will be an announcement about specialevents, entertainment, vendors, motorcycle builderappearances and more.


The following is a little sumth'n, sumth'n from the man himself, Jay Allen:

Broken Spoke Saloon Expands Its Horizons

from Jay Allen, owner

Sturgis, South Dakota [January 26, 2005] It was just under 20 years ago that I rode through the doors of the "Broken Spoke Saloon." Right away, I knew this would be my Sturgis hang out. With all the vintage bikes, gas pumps and old bullet holed gas station signs, I just fell in love. It's not often one sees a 1939 Indian Chief bike sitting on the back of a bar, only to be temporarily blocked by a hottie with a beautiful smile, double bubbles, and a rock hard body ready to wet my whistle with a cold brew.

It amazes me that at the time, I had no idea that Dave Iversen would hand me the torch in 1993 to carry on with the Broken Spoke Saloon legacy! Since then, we have evolved to become the Biggest Biker Bar in the World. With locations in Daytona Beach, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Laconia, New Hampshire and of course Sturgis, South Dakota. Not to mention our semi-tractor trailers that do several rallies around the country. We have not only bonded with the biking culture, but we have learned to serve them well.

Being a person in love with our past, I'm one of the last people left that see the future with vigor and interest. After all, they don't make things the way they used to. I ride my 1941 Harley Knucklehead almost daily. Will the new bikes hold up like that? Every time I drive my 1939 Chevy, looking down the hood of the car is equal to that of eye surfing the back side of a sleek New York model. I really believe the creator put certain people on earth to preserve the past. These people are here to tell the story of others who created things of function, beauty and art in their era on this planet. I believe I'm one of them, here to share the passion.

In Sturgis of yesteryear, everyone rode their bike to the Black Hills. There were only a handful of vendors and Main Street was about it, with the exception of Buffalo Chip Campground and the Broken Spoke Saloon. From the 1980's on, people would stand in line at Gunnar's, the Fireside and the Night Owl, with the wait always being 1-out and 1-in! Main Street was packed from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. and there wasn't anything for motorcycling that you couldn't find on this bulging street of paint and chrome.

Pearl and Clarence “Pappy” Hoel planted a rally seed in 1938 that grew from approximately 200 attendees to an event which will probably never see less than a half million motorcycle enthusiasts on any year to come. Campgrounds like Hog Heaven, Glencoe and the Buffalo Chip each host somewhere between 30,000 to 70,000 attendees. With hoards of smaller campgrounds and townships in a 100 mile radius poised and ready to accommodate bikers, the growth of this rally is unlimited!

In the old days you rode the hills by day, went to camp, showered and then hit Sturgis by night to party until security forced you to leave the bars at 2 a.m. Now, there are no more lines to get into the Sturgis bars. After 10 p.m. you could shoot a bullet down Main Street and not hit anyone.

The larger bars in town are still doing well, but each year more and more riders spend less of their time in Sturgis and more of it at camp. With the D.U.I. laws today, one has to be very cautious in these times. Now, the riders leave Sturgis early and then ease out of town back to camp where they can party down safely. What used to be just campgrounds now have live entertainment as well as a variety of vendors at the larger sites.

With the changing times, I’m so excited to announce that after 20 years in Sturgis, the Broken Spoke Saloon is moving a shingle out of town onto 600 acres called Sturgis County Line! With a 10 minute putt out of Sturgis on Hwy 79, just look right and follow the signs to a land situated near the base of majestic Bear Butte mountain!

The old ‘Spoke on Lazelle will still be serving up cold ones, having exciting events and offering up great music. Who ever thought that an old lumber yard would evolve into the world’s biggest biker bar now siring a new off spring at an incredible, soulfully stirring location that will capture the essence of an unforgettable rally experience combining the old with the new.

Just think, hundreds of acres to party, the latest in motorcycle products, celebrating with old friends and making new ones. All in a safe haven, free from the “man” in a self-policed environment: that's what I'm talking about! Sunsets, music and gazing into the fire while crickets serenade us under a blanket of stars before turning in for the night.

The first phase of Sturgis County Line will have over 150,000 square feet of asphalt for semi-tractor trailers, premiere vendors, motorcycle stunt riders, other shows and attractions and generous parking spaces for your beloved scooter. The new Broken Spoke Saloon will be 22,500 square feet featuring vintage bikes, memorabilia, ice cold long necks, the best rock and honky-tonk music and our beautiful, hot women!

Just seconds east of the Broken Spoke Saloon we will provide camping with hot showers and, as always, clean toilet facilities. Stake your claim and be sure to reserve one of the limited full R.V. hook-ups or tent sites ASAP.

We will also feature 24-hour dining, from prime rib to killer hamburgers, great salads and a variety of other foods and desserts. For those who want to put a little hair on their chest, there will be espresso to rev up your evening and cowboy strong coffee for an eye-opening early morning ride. Cigars from Mexico to South America will be featured as well by the cigar legend, “Bean’re.”

Now get this! A mile away from the Broken Spoke Saloon just south on 79 there will be an amphitheater that houses world class acts. You will enter on the Southwest side of Sturgis County Line and park at the base of a hill. With about a two-minute walk up, when you peak at the top, you’ll look down the other side and see only one man-made object surrounded by a natural bowl which is conducive to a great concert experience and mother nature as far as the eye can see. The object is a stage that has been constructed to meet the specifications of the biggest music acts known to mankind.

The best thing of all is when you look over the top of the stage, Bear Butte Mountain will be poised as if it were the crown of a king. However, its history proves to be much more special than mere words here can describe. Sturgis County Line Amphitheater will comfortably accommodate 30,000+ concert attendees. We want our events at the amphitheater to be open to as many rally goers and entertainers as possible so we will always keep ticket prices as low as we can. As for the Broken Spoke Saloon entertainment, we will continue to provide entertainment with no cover charge.

By the year 2007, Sturgis County Line will have more full R.V. hookups as well as several bars on the property. One will be called the “Builder’s Bar,” which will be like a museum with memorabilia from the most famous bike builders past and present. Live music will be played out in front on the large deck where you can soak up some rays or star gaze at night around a built-in fireplace.

A mile away from the Builder’s Bar will be a Mexican Cantina featuring kick-butt margaritas, authentic Mexican food, a large front deck, and of course friendly, hot servers. Se Habla Espanol!

Somewhere in between the Builder’s Bar and the Mexican Cantina there is a little knoll that will accommodate an 1800’s school house with a deck. It’s never too late to go back for some motor schooling, especially when the teachers are serving ice cold beer. You’re guaranteed to leave with a serious crush on the teacher.

As you can see, there will be lots to do at Sturgis County Line. Other than the development plans mentioned, we want to leave the rest of this beautiful property untouched!

Come make Sturgis County Line and the Broken Spoke Saloon your new 600-acre home where you can kick back with a cold one and watch a Bear Butte sunset because it just doesn’t get any better than that. Let’s keep our passion for riding and this entertaining motorcycle lifestyle alive and in the process share many unforgettable memories to come.

Jay AllenOwner of Sturgis County Line and Broken Spoke

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