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by Motorcycle.com Staff

CC Harley Clone Sportbike

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 30, 2005
The boys at Custom Chrome have appearantly gone off the deep end ...sort of. The HR3 "V" kit looks interesting. Revtech motor,six speed. Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels, adjustable suspenders... ...MO, you should con them into a test ride.

Check it out at customchrome.com.

Wow, sweet looking bike! MO used close-ratio, radically undercut (so you roll off the gas a pinch then just touch the shifter and the gears pull themselves together to upshift quickly, smoothly and positively) five-speed cassette-replacement gears in our old Buell racers and it made all the difference in the world. No more "clunking." You could ride them like true sportbikes, assuming you could tolerate an incredibly tall first gear (six-speed transmissions weren't available then). Fortunately H-D clutches are probably the toughest motorcycle baskets out there. But we digress, this looks like a cool scoot!--MO

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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