2002 Yamaha Silverado Feedback

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
When we talk about middle or lightweight cruisers,bikes like the V Star and V Star 1100 come easilyto mind. These are the sort of machines thatintroduce people to the motorcycling world.Because more and more people are taking thesmaller displacement cruisers seriously these days,they're becoming a more common choice of vehicleon which to commute or tour with.

Yamaha noticedthat buyers were modifying their machines byadding a number of goodies such as windshields,saddlebags and backrests and decided to offer thoseparts as standard equipment on some models for the2002 model year. Thus, the V Star Silverado and VStar 1100 Silverado were born. Think of them as the "Luxury" versions of the regular V Star and V Star 1100 series of motorcycles and you'll know where Yamaha's going with all of this.

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