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I am going to rent a Harley, what model should I get?

By George Obradovich, Jun. 22, 2004
Any advice for me? I just sold my bike but I have the urge to do a fun ride, so I think I will rent a Harley for a weekend. Why a Harley? These seem to be the only bikes that I can rent for a day or two with unlimited mileage and a reputable operation. The company is Eagle Rider (www.eaglerider.com) and it's $130 per day plus insurance. Very steep, but there isn't much competition and I suspect their costs are high. I prefer sporting standards, etc., so the Harley will be a bit different.

So I would love some advice on which model would be best for me. I will be taking a passenger, so I need all-day comfort for her. That said, I'm not sure I want a big heavy touring model because I will be riding on highway 1 up the CA coast and on other tight twisty roads and want to have some fun. So check out their list of models and please let me have any recommendations. http://eaglerider.carrentalexpress.com/vehicles.php?

I like the looks of the Dyna Wide Glide, but the ape-hangar bars and forward controls probably don't encourage spirited riding. The Deuce or Low Rider look like the best bets (lighter and with a more sporting emphasis) but their rear seats look like an afterthought and are probably uncomfortable. The Sportster says it has a back seat, but the model pictured has none, so there must be some error. Maybe I should just go with the Heritage Softail and forget any sporting pretensions. I want to make sure my girlfriend enjoys the ride and is comfortable, as she is VERY new to motorcycles. If the rental goes well, I may have her enthusiastic for a new bike for me. So which bike should I rent? Anyone know anything about Harleys? The MO tests don't cover many of these bikes.

Thanks for any help!

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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