The Question of Reliability (or Stirring the Pot) Staff
by Staff
Back on the 30th, Sean posted a copy of the recent recall on Honda 1800 'Wings. Before the discussion turned into a completely off-subject flame war (No names mentioned - you know who you are), there was some real discussion about the reputations of major motorcycle manufacturers, mainly Harley and Honda. Can we try this same discussion again without involving G.W. and WMD and GDP? Why do you think X brand of motorcycle is more or less reliable than others? Are there other factors (like simplicity or cheap parts) that make a less reliable bike easy to own? What about Harley's reputation for spewing parts or Ducati's rep for being expensive to maintain? How about Bimmer's reputation for having troublesome carbs but 200K motors? What about the big 4? Are Japanese bikes really bulletproof? Tell your stories MOrons.

Good idea. Stay on course, MOFOs! --MO

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