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I just finished reading a book that anyone who loves riding or has had loss in their lives will relate to. It is called "Ghost Rider Travels onthe Healing road". It is by Neil Peart. If the name sounds familiar it isbecause he is the accomplished drummer for the band Rush. The book however deals verylittle with his rock life. Do not buy the book to get a backstage view of a rockers life. What the book deals with is how Peart got through a devastating series of tragic losses in his life. In the time frame of a year his daughter was killed in a car wreck. His wife essentially died of a broken heart over the daughters loss, and to top it off his dog died too. After time stewing in his own misery he chose to find if he could find a way back to life. He chose to try activities that he formerly loved to see if he could still find any happiness in this world. His first step as an avid motorcyclist was to get his BMW R1100GS and travel down what he calls the "Healing Road"...

Over the time frame of 14 months Peart rode 55,000 miles through his homeland Canada as well as The United States, Mexico and Belize. The book is written in a mix of a biography style as well as letters from the road to friends. His descriptions of loss are heartbreaking, and will have you asking how would I react to such a series of losses in my life. I learned a bit about life and death from Peart. This book is not all on a down note though. It has terrific descriptions of scenery and roads that he traveled. It is an interesting insight into a motorcyclist travels as well as a course in human spirits ability to rebound from misery. It will entertain and teach on a number of levels. I recommend this book highly. The tales this book tells will remain with you long after the last page is turned. It is available from Amazon, and other book retailers at a cost of $19.95 or less.

--Steve Hornung, Hixson, TN
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