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I have some questions aimed mostly at current owners of the Buell XB9S and XB9R. How reliable have you found the bike to be thus far? What have the problems been?
I am open minded about Buell, as they seem to have modern engineering (besides, perhaps the engine), good handling, and a reasonably low seat height. Additionally, the larger engine makes the concept much more tempting.
However, reliability is important to me. Also, I ride in Manhattan during rush hour quite a bit, and I find that even my liquid cooled bikes (MZ Skorpion Traveller and Triumph Sprint ST) overheat. How well does the Buell manage while idling in heavy traffic? Any potential modifications to reduce the possibility of melting an engine?
Potential Buell Buyer

What a powderkeg of a post... ...but here goes anyway. FWIW, MO has never had a problem with a Buell testbike, including our Open Bikini Shootout in which all the other bikes gave up, and the Buell kept chugging along. A little kudos to Buell/H-D for that, at least.

Modern Buells are programmed to shut off if they get too hot in traffic situations. That is, it'll turn off before it melts down. In olden times, you could simply up the pilot jet to a 42 or 44 to get it to idle cooler, but on the new EFI units, that's harder to accomplish...

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