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Press Release from Buell:

East Troy, WI - Buell Motorcycle Company invites riders to participate in the 2003 Buell National BattleTrax Series, a free motorcycle event that challenges riders to compete in a controlled environment and rewards skill and consistency. The National BattleTrax Series, which kicked off March 8 during Daytona Bike Week, showcases Buell’s latest award-winning motorcycles - the Lightning XB9S and Firebolt XB9R.

"Buell motorcycles have always emphasized the importance of mass centralization and frame rigidity, and low unsprung weight, which gives riders improved handling and agility," says Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer. "BattleTrax is a great way to showcase these performance attributes, which provide benefits in any type of riding."

BattleTrax is a closed-course motorcycle event involving a well-marked, circuitous route on a paved surface. The event is designed for all experience levels, giving every rider an opportunity to test their skills. Riders travel the course - one at a time - as efficiently as they can. An electronic timer monitors each rider’s performance. The course, laced with twists and turns, is guaranteed to test riders’ skills and produce ear-to-ear grins.

The winner of each regional event - determined by a timed bracket-style format - will receive a trip to Las Vegas to compete for the national championship on July 16, 2003. Buell Motorcycle Company will provide each winner with round trip airfare to Las Vegas and two nights’ hotel accommodation, along with a special Buell prize. The national champion will receive the Buell National BattleTrax Series Championship trophy and bragging rights for a lifetime.

Scott Berry of Arlington, Mass., was crowned the winner of the first regional event at Daytona. “I was really looking forward to the BattleTrax event at Daytona,” said Berry. “I liked the bracket format. I was counting the time down in my head and trying to be smooth on the course. I am pumped to go to Vegas for the finale.”

The 10-event national series continues this spring and summer giving riders the chance to test their motorcycles and themselves.

“BattleTrax is a fun skills course intended for riders of all experience levels,” says Paul James, communications manager. “Riders set their own bracket time, and ride within their own limits to match it, which makes for an even playing field and rewards smoothness and consistency.”

Participants need to bring their motorcycle, full-face helmet, appropriate riding gear and a valid motorcycle driver’s license. Riders must be at least 21 years of age to participate. See the following schedule or visit www.battletrax.com for a complete list of Buell National BattleTrax cities and event details.
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