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New Motorcycle TV Program

“Trippin’ on Two Wheels”

By Kevin Duke, Jan. 10, 2008
Often times, it seems as if a lot of motorcycle programming on TV is aimed at the lowest common denominator. There’s plenty of choppers, stunts and T&A.

For something a little more high-brow, Speed Channel is offering a new series called “Trippin' on Two Wheels.” It’s a nicely shot travelogue of a couple of guys riding motorcycles in exotic and beautiful countries, and it features one of our favorite motorjournalist buddies, Neale Bayly.

“The concept for the show has remained true to the collective vision we had back then that we would show the beauty of the countryside we were traveling in from the seat of a motorcycle,” says Bayly, an occasional contributor to “The show tries not to be too serious, and usually it is I, the Big Nosed one, that gets thrown under the bus with clever editing techniques for humorous affect when it’s required.”

Bayly is joined on his adventures with Speed’s mustache maven, Dennis Gage, and their first sojourn is a spectacular ride in the Scottish Highlands on Triumph Sprint STs. The experienced broadcasting duo is joined by Gage’s 16-year-old son, Sam, who provides an added dimension to the series.

“Basically, I talked Dennis into coming to Scotland to shoot a documentary a couple of years ago while I was doing a travel story, and it has since led us to Sicily, Spain and Quebec – the next three episodes after Scotland.

“It was always meant to simply highlight the joy and freedom of travel in a foreign terrain on a motorcycle,” Bayly continues. “Can anyone think of anything finer to do? We do get reflective at times, and I think it is hard not to be moved when you ride through beautiful countryside, and hopefully we have created a good balance between our experiences, the characters we meet and interact with and the land we ride through.”

We’ve seen some of the footage from “Trippin…,” and it’s enjoyable to watch, like taking a road trip from the comfort of your couch. It’s good-looking and well-shot, and it’s the kind of thing you could watch with your whole family.

“There are three more to follow and they just keep getting better. They will resonate with any motorcyclist who has thrown a bag on their bike and gone on a journey. They will resonate with anyone who likes to ride with friends or family. If you love motorcycles, feel the world is a place to be explored and not be afraid of, then ‘Trippin on Two Wheels’ was made for you.”

Bayly hopes its broadband appeal will attract a large audience, as he’s proud of this series and hopes to expand it in the future.

“We are now being held ransom to the ratings game, so the fate of the series hangs in the balance. We do truly believe if the motorcycle world can get behind us we can keep this show rolling, so your help here is invaluable. Let's at least go down with a fight as
we get completely overrun by teenager strippers with fake boobs wriggling their pre-cellulite-filled buns around a bunch of stolen import cars.”

Check out the premiere episode of “Trippin' on Two Wheels” on Sunday, January 13 at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT.

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